Due to cadmiums toxic nature, it is strictly prohibited from all food and medical applications.

Cadmium plating offers a unique combination of benefits to many desired parts in our industries from corrosion resistance, ductility, solderability, anti-static and anti-galling characteristics.  Where dimensional tolerances must be maintained, such as threaded components, etc., cadmium can be applied in a very thin layer.  (Plating thickness ranges of 0.0001 to 0.0015). 

Supplementary chromate treatments are recommended and will extend the corrosion resistance values of the cadmium coating.  Type I finishes with no supplementary treatment, leaving a silver natural appearance, while Type II chromate conversion leaves an iridescent or gold appearance.  Type II conversion also provides a great base for painting or other adhesive materials.  Please view our Spec Chart for plating thickness and chromate treatment parameters.



Plating thickness range of 0.0001 to 0.0015 inc.


Pre-clean chemically or grit/glass bead blasting


Clear hexavalent chrome and yellow dichromate treatment


Rack and barrel plating available


Masking for selective surface areas


Salt spray corrosion testing


Thickness and adhesion testing

Cadmium’s natural appearance once electroplated is silver in color and can be applied to many substrates. IDP offers cadmium applications to:  ferrous materials, iron, copper, brass, and aluminum, and when dull applications are required, we can apply multiple plating operations to individual parts with precision masking.  All steel parts having a hardness of Rockwell C40 (180,000 PSI) and higher must be baked at 375 degrees F, plus or minus 25 degrees F for 3 hours minimum after plating.



    Fasteners, Hinges, Engine Components, Landing Gear, Prevents Galvanic corrosion between fasteners and aluminum components.


    Fasteners, Disc brake/Calipers, Engine, Light Housings, Cylinders, Under Carriage Components.


    Solderability of Components, Conductive Surfaces, Relays, Fasteners, Chassis, Connectors.


    Corrosion Resistance, Fasteners, Pumps/Engine Components, Tanks / Lines, Hardware Ground Support.

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    Environmental Responsibilities

    With its unique combination of characteristics, Cadmium is used extensively in Military and Aerospace applications and is strictly prohibited for Medical and Food applications. IDP is dedicated to assisting our customers in choosing the correct plating application for their project needs.

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